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WebMoney Keeper Mini

It is another WebMoney Keeper, not as powerful as Classic or Light but very user-friendly and easy to use in most cases.

It is designed as a light version of a site supporting the main WebMoney Transfer account management functions. ^

Designed for those who:
– only just started using the WebMoney system;
– already have WebMoney account but want to manage it without using the WebMoney Keeper WinPro or WebPro;
– need to be mobile and flexible (only login and password are required to use the WebMoney Keeper Mini);
– want easier and more convenient way to use WebMoney. ^

– enter your account using login and password only;
– work conveniently with any mobile device;
– check the balance of your purses;
– add funds to the Purse with a WM card (Paymer check);
– transfer WM;
– issue and pay invoices;
– review recent transactions;
– pay for services (mobile communications, Internet, etc.) easily;

WebMoney Keeper Mini Mini Keeper uses only those purses that you have enabled for it.

Note: You can set a (24 hour, daily, weekly or monthly) limit for the enabled purse, i.e., maximum amount you can transfer from it per specified time interval. ^

WebMoney Keeper Mini allows login using the service E-NUM.

Sign Up with this service using the same e-mail as for Mini.

E-mail: support@wmtransfer.com